litter and slurry treatment
Characteristic : 
Performances natural organic product (group 1 bacteria) to reduce odours on site and at spraying by reducing polluting and nasty smelling gases : hydrogen sulphide H2S down 90%.
ammonia NH3 down 80%.
increase in the value of of assimilable nitrogen (ammonium, nitrate)
liquefaction of slurry

Improvement in working conditions
Prevention of risks related to polluting gases
Increase in animal husbandry results
Increase of yields
Ending of use of chemical nitrogeneous fertilizers

(It is the only product which corresponds with the directives of the French ministry of the environment of 25/10/2006)
Efficiency and innocuousness evaluated by COFRAC laboratories for gas reduction, and absence of pathogenic germs
Condition. : 
Azofac : 1 kg
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